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01Signing of the Dawn Accord

Signing of the Dawn Accord

After the Stargate of Sacrum Chu Imperium - Star Crown System was blown up, the star system has become an "isolated island", and many factions have borne heavy losses. To regulate the use of the stargate, the Terran Sphere, Antonios Consortium, Pangaea Corporation, Jupiter Industries, and Germanicus Corps signed the Dawn Accord.

The stargate is an important part of space transportation. Once blown up, it will bring serious consequences. In order to prevent a second "isolated island," we should make some policies to clarify the norms and permissions, thus ensuring maximum protection.

02Lagrange Network Reboot

Node Recovery Agreement

Lagrange Nodes once covered one-third of the Milky Way. Unfortunately, many Lagrange Nodes have shut down their access to the stargate during the Interstellar War and left the Network. During the Exploration Campaign, however, a lot of these nodes were rediscovered.

To connect the nodes back to the Lagrange Network and operate them under orders set by the Dawn Accord, the Development Department of the Antonios Consortium is now recruiting experienced Pioneers in the Hub Star System. Recruited Pioneers will be signing the Node Recovery Agreement, going to the target star system, and connecting the nodes back to the Lagrange Network.

Galactic Mutual Cooperation Agreement

Apart from the ever-growing Privateers, there is another force in the star system. For hundreds of years, these galactic factions have been rooted and developed in this star system. They have their own understanding of the order of the Lagrange Gate and have no intention of entering the cooperation framework of the Dawn Accord. They initiated the Mutual Cooperation Agreement and are looking for strong Pioneers to help them maintain control over the stargate.

Trojite Crystal Collection Agreement

Trojite Crystal is a raw ore used to refine and synthesize Element 688, an essential industrial raw material for Warp Drive and space warping. Star systems that are rich in Trojite Crystal Mines have always been the "key targets" in the Lagrange Network.

Based on the data recovered by the detector, the coordinates of a new group of special star systems have been determined in the Lagrange Network. Experienced Pioneers have been invited to sign the Trojite Crystal Mining Agreement of the Dawn Accord to go explore these rich star systems.

Quaoar - Railgun Destroyer

Aldabra - Heavy Cannon Destroyer

Conamara Chaos - Railgun Cruiser

Jaeger - Heavy Aircraft Cruiser

T800 - Pulsar Corvette

Mistral - Combat Attacker

03Twin Festival

Twin Festival

The "Twin Festival" has its origins in the Great Navigation Era. Back then, the government of the Terran Sphere organized a large exploration fleet from Earth to Proxima b, a planet 4 light-years away. It took them 60 years to finally arrive, and hence began the arduous and long process of exploration and construction. This was the first contact between the Terran Sphere and Proxima.

Hundreds of years later, a fleet from the Proxima b Space Station returned to Earth, showing the interim results of the Proxima Centauri Development Plan and debunking conspiracy theories that had pervaded the Earth community about it, proving the skeptics wrong. As a significant milestone in human spaceflight history, the four-light-year return voyage substantially changed the Earth community's attitude toward space development outside the Solar System and greatly facilitated the sentiment of outward development. The concept of the Earth-Centauri Twinning was then brought forward for the first time.

With the construction of the L001A and L001B bi-directional gates, Earth-Centauri is more than a concept but a real economic entity, and then the Twin Festival was officially established. It took thousands of years, from the introduction of the concept to the establishment of a major festival that is still celebrated today.

04Data Rescue Agreement

Data Rescue Agreement

Head to the star system to collect valuable experimental data.

Approaching the end of the Galactic War Era, star HD232b, located at the center of the Fireseeker Star System, erupted with an abnormal amount of high-energy radiation that covered almost the entire star system, causing devastating damage to over 70% of the cities, Space Stations, buildings, fleets, etc. in the star system. Protective facilities of Stargate L893 were damaged and became inoperable. The ongoing stellar eruptions have made the whole star system a "danger zone," and some factions have shut down the nodes to the Fireseeker Star System in the Lagrange Network.

This phenomenon has caused great damage to several star systems over the following decades. According to the Report on the Causes of High Radiation Eruptions in Star Systems and Network Losses, abnormal changes in the warp of Lagrange points may affect the central gravity of stars, causing irregular high radiation eruptions from inside the stars and causing serious damage to the entire star system. This phenomenon is academically referred to as the "Space Warping Vibration," commonly known as "Warping Reverberation."

Affected by this phenomenon, "Space Warping Vibration" occurred in some of the star systems run by the Antonios Consortium. The occasional radiation emissions from stars led to the deterioration of the environment. Leaders of the Consortium decided to transfer the precious strategic assets of these star systems, which include a large amount of experiment data, as soon as possible. The Data Rescue Agreement was therefore issued to recruit experienced Pioneers to rescue the experiment data from these dangerous star systems.

05Beacon Festival

Beacon Festival

According to history, at the beginning of the second phase of the "Otherside Project," 2,347,260 large beacons with strong endurance were continuously launched into the channel to test the stability and pressure-bearing capacity of the channel. These beacons traveled through the under-studied Lagrange Nodes to explore and record star systems on the other side, collecting a lot of valuable data and information for exit positioning experiments.

Seen from the Earth, these huge beacons formed streaks of light in the sky that kept shining for a whole year. People on Earth poetically named the spectacle: Wishful Lights.

As more and more star systems began to do the same (launch a large number of beacons for testing the safety and pressure of passing the nodes), such spectacles appeared in star systems one after another. In the heat of developing Lagrange Gate, the "Beacon Festival" began to spread to every corner of the star system.

Marshal Crux - Carrier

06Earth Day

Earth Day

When the warping bell first rang across the galaxy through the Lagrange Network, I knew "Earth Day" had a much broader meaning. The Earth would have more impact, and we would be sublimated.
——AC023 Earth Day Organizer, excerpts from the Study of the Cultural Evolution of Earth Day.

"Earth Day" is a traditional festival with one of the longest histories in the galaxy. Every year on this day, various organizations from across the solar system, together with Earth enthusiasts from every node, hold a series of events aimed at helping space residents get a better understanding of the diverse Earth culture since ancient times.

07Identity Agreement is Now Live


Prospectors have played a pivotal role in the history of the Lagrange Network, both in exploring the star system environment and in contributing significantly to the development of each node of the Lagrange Network. Every step of exploration has been full of difficulties and challenges. That is especially the case in the detection of Lagrange Nodes, where the Prospectors need to find suitable space warping observation spots and carry out repeated experiments by launching beacons into space. Only after tens of thousands of experiments can they acquire the more accurate warp data.

Being a prospector is not just a profession but an honor. According to the "100 Years of Exploration - Exploration Report Summary of Reconstructing the Lagrange Network", it often takes the lifetime of countless professional prospectors to complete the exploration of a single star system.

The Neutrals

Some say that Neutrals are unique "diplomats" in the Lagrange Network, the bridge for communications between Galactic Factions and Privateers. Others call them the "Shadow of Privateers," believing that they are the ones behind the wars. No one can deny, however, that they are the liaison between the Privateers and the major factions, using all means to seek exchanges and communication between the two sides, reducing the scale and intensity of conflict between the powers.

This agreement is provided by Jupiter Industries' Cooperation Support Department, with the aim to find Privateers who share the concept of "peace," create communication opportunities between Privateers and Galactic Factions and help the Privateers return to the normal factions.

08Assemble and Voyage

SL9 - Escort Corvette

FSV830 - Auxiliary Ship

09Clan, Guild, Union, and Community


Clan-based Orgs are closely connected. These Orgs value unity and they offer the function of "Clan's Warehouse" that enables the exchange and redistribution of resources among members.

The progress of our galactic development is minimal if we were to consider how vast the universe is, but we are still trying to fathom farther into the galaxy from the Lagrange Network. Similarly, regardless of the size a Clan might be, it can still shine in the vast universe if it is blessed with a sophisticated structure, efficient management, as well as mutual trust and recognition among its members.


Guild-based Orgs have strict management and attach importance to military affairs. The unique "Guild's Dockyard" enables the exchange of ships between members to share the benefits of each other and make up what the others may lack.

Guilds that emphasize military affairs will undoubtedly be stricter in management than other Orgs. However, the reason why the structure originated in the age of war and is still sought after today is exactly because of its efficient military deployment hidden behind the surface of strictness. And victory often comes from that.


Union-based Orgs are large in size and scale, and the unique Enhancement Talent - "Org Operation" give Unions an additional operation number.

A Union has the ability to work together in galaxy construction projects and security maintenance operations, but the huge organizational structure can easily lead to management problems. Therefore, how to manage a large number of members, motivate everyone, and win one victory after another through orderly management has become a problem that Union leaders must solve.


To face the challenges of star system explorations, various Communities can be established by signing the Community Agreement.

After the Star System Development Rating is complete and when the Orgs return to the Pioneers Systems, the Community will automatically disband itself.

Members of different Orgs within a Community can use the Community chat channel to communicate with all members of the same Community.

Though members of different Orgs within a Community cannot use each other's Construction Operations for Warp Drive, they can maintain relative peace with each other. Org members of the same Community will not trigger battles unless the "ATTACK" command is actively issued.

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Hayreddin's Loyal - Pulsar Fighter
Antonios Consortium – Celebration Fund Scheme
SPLENDOR IN OCEAN —— Eternal Storm Limited Livery

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Hayreddin's Loyal - Pulsar Fighter

This is an ancient galactic faction whose history dates back to the early days of the Gold Rush Era. At that time, with the collapse of Neptune Minerals, the clan became independent and began to operate its own galaxies and networks. The planet Neptune played an extremely important role in the history of the clan, whose ancestors incorporated the star's name and another ancient name in "Hayreddin." The Hayreddin Clan was found. The Hayreddin Clan specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of carrier-based aircraft, and its Fighters and Escort Corvettes have unique design aesthetics, and "Hayreddin's Loyal" is one of its masterpieces.

Antonios Consortium – Celebration Fund Scheme

The Antonios Consortium has prepared a Celebration Exclusive Fund Scheme and Prestige Fund Scheme for all Explorers.
The Antonios Showroom will open at 12:00 on August 17, 2022. During the Dawn Celebration, Explorers can claim Proxima Coin rewards corresponding to the number of days they have logged in from the Celebration Exclusive Fund Scheme. At the same time, Chu-Coins can be used to sign up for an additional Prestige Fund Scheme to get many blueprints, Tech Points, and other items.

—— Eternal Storm Limited Livery

The factions of the Terran Sphere have come to participate in the Dawn Celebration with the "Tower of Stellaris" Dynamic Emblem, and Eternal Storm limited "SPLENDOR IN OCEAN" appearance. Ship appearances are special liveries tailor-made for specific ships to create a flowing surface effect with plasma curtain technology.
The Earth–Proxima Centauri Showroom will open at 12:00 on August 19, 2022. At that time, Explorers can come to buy the "Tower of Stellaris" Dynamic Emblem, and Eternal Storm limited "SPLENDOR IN OCEAN" appearance.

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