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we change the course of history.
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Activity Rules

The monthly submission window opens from 04:00 pm on the first day of each month to 04:00 pm on the last day. Any submission beyond this window will be counted towards next month's submissions.

There is no limit as to the number of submissions each explorer can make per month.

Each person can leave a "Like" to any amount of submissions each day. Please note that only one "Like" can be left to a submission each day, and you must wait until the next day to leave another "Like" on the same submission.

The dev team will calculate the final score based on the number of "Likes" each submission received in a month. Each section is calculated independently, and the top 20 explorers with the highest scores will receive rewards.

Submissions in a given month are only eligible for the reward of that month. After entering the next month, submissions from the previous month can continue to accumulate Likes and Shares but do not qualify for the monthly competition or rewards.