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Star System Rescue Agreement

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The Captor faction has assembled a substantial number of fleets around the stargate for the ambush. After passing through the Stargate, the Explorer Rescue Team will be facing rounds of attacks launched by these Captors, including Blitzkrieg fleets traveling at high speed, Strategic Strike squadrons carrying super capital ships, and fleet factions with formidable dueling capabilities. All of these have been mentioned in the report. The outcome of this battle hinges on the rescuers' strength, organizational skills, and strategic thinking! This battle is set to go down in the annals of the Lagrange Network's history. The safety of the Lagrange Gate rests in the hands of every Explorer within the star system.


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The immense array of beacons creates an unbroken stream of twinkling stars, fondly known as "Wishful Lights" by the people on Earth. As a tribute to the exploration efforts in the Lagrange Network, Explorers at the far away places will soar through the stargate and gather at Antontas for the annual Beacon Festival. Here, they come together with friends from their Orgs to celebrate this festival of unity and warmth.

Lagrange Science Fiction Carnival

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Sci-fi serves as a romantic fantasy art form that presents the impact of science, technology, and societal evolution on humanity in its distinct manner. A passion for sci-fi is what brings together numerous Explorers within the Lagrange Network.


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To help Explorers adapt to the increasingly complex galactic environment, the factions of the Dawn Accord and Jupiter Industries respectively released the blueprints of the FSV830 - High-Speed Tactical Auxiliary Ship and S-Levy 9 - Heavy Torpedo Escort Corvette to help Explorers rally together and set sail immediately.