Infinite Lagrange :New Identity Agreement

The Hayreddin Clan is a faction with a long history in the galaxy, which traces back to the beginning of the Gold Rush. With the disintegration of the Neptune Minerals, the Hayreddin Clan started to run their own star system and network independently.

It is said that they have the mysterious Lagrange Legacy Archives No. 1095. Not much information about the Hayreddin Clan was collected in the war. The clan gradually stepped onto the stage of the Lagrange Network during the recovery from the war.

The Cooperation Support Department of Jupiter Industries intends to find privateers who share the concept of "peace," create communication opportunities between the privateers and the star system fractions, and help the privateers return to the normal fractions.

The Cooperation Support Department of Jupiter Industries will provide additional technical support to pioneers who sign the Neutrals' Agreement.

The new temporary authorization regarding the facility blueprints provides the neutrals' fleet with a unique encrypted communication technology to help the neutrals find more opportunities of cooperation.

Prospectors have been playing an important role throughout the history of the Lagrange Galaxy.

From planet exploration, understanding the geographical environment of a star system, to lighting up a new node in the Lagrange Network, each step is full of difficulties and challenges.

Especially in the exploration of Lagrange Nodes, prospectors have to find appropriate observation points for space warping first and conduct tens of thousands of beacon casting experiments to obtain relatively accurate warp information.

It is mentioned in the Prospector Agreement that the Hayreddin Clan hopes the prospectors to complete the exploration of the current star system environment, obtain important data info and finally submit the Star System Prospecting Report.

To support the exploration of the star system environment, the Hayreddin Clan will offer prospectors who sign the agreement the temporarily authorized blueprint of the Prospecting Tech Research Center.

Prospectors can receive different exploration technologies by building Prospecting Tech Research Centers with a higher level in the base.

The survival and development of all prospectors rely on the resources from the resources nodes.Some resource nodes may have hidden reserves. Prospectors can mine and collect the reserves after they find information about them.

More importantly, prospectors can find extra Trojite Crystal and data info from the corresponding resource nodes in the target star systems of Trojite Crystal Collection Agreement and Data Rescue Agreement, so as to help the union gain strategic advantages in the star system development rating.


Some people say that neutrals are unique diplomats in the Lagrange Network.

Some say that neutrals serve as the bridge for communications between the privateers and the fractions.

And some say that neutrals are "shadows of the privateers" in the star system.

No one denies that they use all methods to promote the communications between the privateers and major fractions and decrease the scale and intensity of conflicts between fractions.

When building cooperative relationships with privateers, the neutrals also need to keep close contact with them all the time.

When exploring a star system, the privateers' fleet will actively contact the neutrals nearby when executing a mission and send a request for mission information to the neutrals through encrypted communication.

The privateer outpost also allows cooperative trade with some neutrals.

They will trade the resources their fleet mined and collected with the neutrals in different star system environments.

If the cooperative relationship between the neutrals and the privateers has deepened, these privateers can send their fleet to assist the neutrals in completing designated objectives and missions.

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