Infinite Lagrange·Connection - Twin Festival2022

Beacon Festival Origin

Beacons have filled the sky since the channel stability tests carried out in the early stage of Project Otherside to the boom in Lagrange Node development in the Gold Rush era. Because of this magnificent scene, people have started to affectionately call these beacons "star lights." Due to the popularization of this scene and its significance to exploration, the "Beacon Festival" is now widely celebrated throughout the galaxy.

Beacon Festival Events

Each Beacon Festival is celebrated with a different theme and content. This time, the Beacon Festival will create a warm environment for every Explorer and Org to celebrate past achievements and look forward to a brighter future. Explorers will gather at the Org headquarters in the City of Antontas to celebrate this grand festival with friendship activities within their Orgs.

Thunderbolt Arsenal Ship

The video shows a blueprint of the new Thunderbolt Arsenal Ship released by Thunderbolt Group, a well-known weapons manufacturer.
Thunderbolt Group is involved in the manufacture of all manner of advanced weaponry but is exceptionally skilled in missile and torpedo technology. As such, it counts a significant number of military factions and enterprises as its suppliers and clients. Jupiter Industries was entrusted to customize the design of the Thunderbolt Arsenal Ship's chassis, and the ship is extremely difficult to mass produce due to limitations of the manufacturing process and cost.
The Thunderbolt Arsenal Ship is equipped with Thunderbolt Group's Super High-Energy Ion Cannon and Mobile Military Industry Integration System, which can synthesize special ammo for its fleet. Its ammunition storage mechanism and flagship functions will give Explorers new tactical options.

Ediacaran Auxiliary Ship

The video shows a blueprint of the new Ediacaran Auxiliary Ship released by NOMA Shipping Group. Referred to as a mobile space fortress, the Ediacaran Auxiliary Ship is equipped with considerable firepower and relatively heavy armor can send a variety of tactical UAVs to provide a variety of fire support in battle, and can produce Destroyers to enable the fleet to keep fighting for long periods of time.
NOMA Shipping Group has always been selling this ship in the Angulum cluster. Having been tested for a long time in the Angulum cluster, its ability to adapt to complex environments and long-term combat capabilities must not be underestimated.

Race To Be the Best

In the Beacon Festival every year, Explorers pass through stargates, unload their luggage, and gather at their Org headquarters to celebrate the splendor and glory of their Org in the past year together. The Star Ocean Race is one of the most popular festival events. During the festival, Explorers and their fellow Org members will meet in the star ocean and race against each other.

While having fun, Org members can also prepare a gift pool for the event to reward their companions who perform exceptionally well in the race. To Explorers, improvement through competition and incentive to work together are valuable sources of spiritual strength.

Gather Your Friends

While many Explorers celebrate the festival together in their Org headquarters, there are also many Explorers who miss out on the festive atmosphere of the Beacon Festival because they are taking a vacation from exploring the Lagrange Network.

The Explorer Contact Center is open again during the Beacon Festival this year. Send invitations to Explorers who are on vacation to ask them to return to the Lagrange Network. We look forward to seeing more Explorers resume their exploration. After all, the company of friends is required on a long journey like this.

Dawn Exploration Agreement

After resting in the Hub Star System, Explorers with extensive experience in exploration will be invited to sign a Dawn Exploration Agreement to explore a new star system, build new stargates in the new star system, and connect them to the Lagrange Network. At the same time, Explorers will cooperate or fight against different forces in the new star system.


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Gameplay Intro

Each Explorer can only write 1 letter on the Login page in this event. Each Explorer will get an in-game Redemption Code after writing a letter successfully.

If the letter submitted by the account contains contents that violate the rules, it will be returned. Such letters cannot be obtained or viewed by other users.

After writing a letter, get 1 draw chance after you share it for the first time every day. Draw chances are refreshed at 00:00 every day.

Explorers can use draw chances on the Draw page to get rewards.

Gift cards issued under this event cannot be returned or replaced once they are issued.

NetEase Games reserves the right to the final interpretation of the event.

Write a Letter
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Congratulations on receiving xxx! Please save your Redemption Code and redeem it in time. You can view the Redemption Code later by tapping My Rewards.
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Whereas "me" and the "future me"
"We" are so close as if we are side by side
A postcard to the future me
Connection — across Space and Time

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The Twin Post Offices are set up during the Twin Festival, a festival of love and emotions, to help people convey their feelings to each other. Participate in the event, send postcards, share gifts, and enjoy the warmth and connection of the Twin Festival together.