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Patch Notes - 7/12/2023


New features and adjustments for all the star systems:

1. Optimized the graphics display of Expanse.

2. We've added a Sparkle Tip that pops up to indicate the research direction when Explorers get a blueprint they already own. Details of the system can be viewed in Research Direction - Super Capital Ship - Subsystem.

3. Optimized the interactive performance of the Ship system when viewing blueprints.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed the description of the "Morale Booster" enhancement in the "Integrated Armory" weapon system of Solar Whale - Armed Tactical Carrier and renamed it to "Increase Working Efficiency" without changing its actual performance in combat.

2. Fixed an issue that caused the Blueprint details screen to indicate that ship production requirements have not been met or to display the incorrect requirements under certain circumstances.