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Explanations About the Expedition Camps in the Angulum System


Recently, the NOMA Group are working on the expedition camps in the Angulum System continuously. All the expedition camps have been basically completed by now, and the construction of supporting facilities will be completed in the future. It has now been decided that all the expedition camps will be open for admission after the update on October 19. For pioneers from different galaxies, the way to enter the Angulum System will be changed as follows:


1. The exchange limit of the Angulum Pass will be greatly increased. At the same time, the exchange of the Solo Pass will be added. The 5 pioneers who hold the Solo Pass can also form a team to go to the Angulum System. The Angulum Adventure Agreement Recruitment will stop issuing passes.


2. For pioneers who do not hold enough Dawn Points, they can also exchange Team or Solo Pass through Proxima Coin, but they cannot be exchanged again within 60 days.


3. The exchange of Angulum Pass will be restored to the original price after the update on October 19, and the passes exchanged before the update can still be used.


Thank you for your constant attention and support, and I wish you all a successful development.