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Preview of the Fleet Lineup & Union Mark Features


Hi all,


This time we will introduce to you 2 features under development: Fleet Lineup and Union Mark, which will be available after the update on Mar 23 has been completed.


Fleet Lineup


In the Lagrange Network, forming fleets is an indispensable part for you to explore star systems and conquer the universe. Meanwhile, every explorer's cleverness and wits are thoroughly reflected in their diversified fleet lineups.


With the increases in ship types and the expansion of fleet size, creating fleets have brought an experience of repeated operations. We noticed it and wanted to improve your gaming experience.


With the Fleet Lineup feature, you can save the lineups of the existing fleets (including their carried aircraft) at the Base and view or delete the lineups already saved.


When applying a lineup to quickly form a fleet, you can check what ships in the lineup you don't have and make your next-step production plan accordingly.


Once meeting the corresponding Base Zone expansion requirements, you can unlock more slots for lineups.

The Fleet Lineup Feature (This image is for display only and does not represent the final quality)


We hope that this feature will help reduce the necessary but repeated operations to make you better focus on the fleet lineup itself. We will keep collecting your thoughts and suggestions for subsequent optimization.


Union Mark


To facilitate strategy making for Unions, we've made adjustments on Union Marks to make them more recognizable and diversified.


7 different marks have been added for Unions to use freely. Unions can place them onto the Expanse map to work out strategies and seek development.

(This image is for display only and does not represent the final quality)


After making confirmation of a Union Mark, you can adjust the angle and color for the mark to meet more strategic needs.

(This image is for display only and does not represent the final quality)


The previous classic Union Marks will be saved. After the update has been completed, all the Union Marks you owned before will not be cleared.


The above is the preview of the Fleet Lineup and Union Mark features. We are committed to building a real and wonderful Lagrange Network and focusing on the fun and balance of in-game battle strategies. The valuable suggestions given by every new/veteran explorer are appreciated. Thank you all for your support and love for Infinite Lagrange.

(The actual content is subject to the final in-game updates)