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Lagrange Generation Legacy Gameplay Preview I


Dear Explorers, Greetings! Our team will be introducing the Lagrange Generation Legacy to you in this preview.

The concept of Lagrange Generation Legacy has a long-standing history and is constantly changing as it evolves. Initially, this concept referred to the technology, engineering, data, and information results and other research results produced in the research of Lagrange points and Lagrange Nodes, including node-related technologies, node coordinates, and so on. However, due to the extremely long course of the research, many initial sponsors failed to witness the final result, so the related research results were renamed the "Legacy of the Sponsors" and the "Lagrange Generation Legacy" in short. Since the publication of the Lagrange Generation Legacy Catalog, which is a record of all sponsors and the results of their investments, this name has become widely known.

With the expansion and development of the Lagrange Network, the meaning of the Lagrange Generation Legacy became generalized over time to include more important and precious things. Practical technologies, node info, Stargate's passage and control permissions, secrets, artworks, collectibles, and so on were gradually added to the Generation Legacy.

 (Image) Generation Legacy Repository

Following the launch of Project Mercury 61 years ago, the Lagrange Generation Legacy Project entered the spotlight. Organized over by the Arbiter Committee, it is expected to take 300 years to complete the entire project, which aims to collect and organize the technical and cultural strategic assets of the Lagrange Network.

The Lagrange Legacy Project will be implemented in three phases. The first two phases are Project Mercury and the Generation Legacy Economy Project. The third phase project is still classified information. Project Mercury is the core component of the first-phase project. In this phase, a large generation legacy repository will be built on the sun-facing side of Mercury in the solar system with a space energy array covering the orbit above to make the most of the solar power for self-sustaining purposes. Project Mercury has been completed, so all Explorers will be able to witness the Generation Legacy Repository in operation.

With the advancement of the second-phase Generation Legacy Economy Project, the factions that participated in the project have set up offices and institutions within their spheres of influence to identify Lagrange Generation Legacies and carry out information sharing, technology endorsements, generational legacy trades, and other related matters with the Terran Sphere government for cooperation and mutual benefit.

Under the framework of the Lagrange Generation Legacy Project, Explorers can submit technical data and equipment collected in various star systems to the Antonios Tech Store in the City of Antontas for identification. At the same time, the Antonios Explorer Development Division will provide new technology and equipment interfaces for Explorers' use to introduce more experiences and changes in star system exploration.

Many new contents and concepts will be released in the Lagrange Generation Legacy gameplay, and we'll introduce them in detail later, so stay tuned!