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Lagrange Generation Version Update Preview


Generation—an ancient word from the Earth. Not only does it symbolize the present age of times, but it also carries the meaning of passing down the ancestor's legacy from generation to generation. For the past thousand years, ever since the discovery of Lagrange points, human history, technology, culture, and even humans themselves have thrived within the Lagrange Network, passing on their legacy from generation to generation. And now, a new generation is taking shape as we lay the foundation for Project Mercury.


——Speech at the Starting Ceremony of Project Mercury


Dear Explorers, Greetings! Our new "Lagrange Generation" version is scheduled for release between July and August 2023. We look forward to bringing everyone an immersive experience and exciting changes through the new system, content, and events.  In this preview, we will introduce the content to be updated gradually over the next two months.

Lagrange Generation—Human

Humans are the protagonists in the era of Lagrange. With Explorers expanding their bases, commanding their ships, building Space Stations and Stargates... Human's painstaking efforts to explore and develop the Lagrange Network have greatly contributed to this era. Therefore, around the concept of humans, we will release a new community for the Explorers and occasionally hold offline events such as local gatherings and recruitment drives, spreading heartfelt warmth across the cold universe to every Explorer.

A campfire that warms up the Explorer community

To let every Explorer better showcase themselves and meet more friends who share the same interest, we will introduce the Lagrange Campfire Hub (community). Explorers can access the Lagrange Campfire Hub in-game or through the website and share their experiences from the game or daily life, which allows them to interact and communicate with others in the Lagrange Network.

 Located at the edge of the Solar System, "Campfire" is a large Space Station closest to Proxima. It was first intended to be an outpost for detecting alien civilizations, but as more people traveled to Proxima, it gradually became a massive transportation hub. In The Call from Four Light-Years Away, the crew of the Proxima Fleet returning for the first time had started a "townsfolk-like" conversation with the Earth's reception convoy. They opened their hearts to each other and spent the whole night sharing life stories, turning the distance of four light years into a lively tea party.

Likewise, we want the Lagrange Campfire Hub to be a warm and welcoming place for all Explorers, which offers quick and tailored responses to everyone's inquiries and questions about strategies, and meanwhile tightly connects every Explorer and minimizing the gap between light years.


(In development. Does not represent the final quality of the game.)


Join the local gatherings for sightseeing

To strengthen the bond between Explorers, we plan to host local gatherings and recruitment drives on multiple authenticated platforms, offering extra opportunities for Explorers to communicate with each other and bridge their friendships. Meanwhile, we will bring the iconic landmark from Infinite Lagrange into real life, allowing Explorers to check in and see them in person.


Lagrange Generation—History

History harbors the memories of generations, memories of the Explorers who were gathering and searching constantly within the Lagrange Network, appreciating the evolving process of wrap drive technology in the star system of Trojite Crystal, gradually outlining the history of the Sacrum Chu Imperium in Angulum, and rescuing the precious historical data from the star systems that suffered Warping Reverberation. All the memories convey the past to the present.

As for the Explorers, they are also the creators and witnesses of the past and future. They lit up the nodes in the Lagrange Network one after another, logging their shadows and deeds into the long history of the galaxy and passing them down to the next generation in the Lagrange Network.

Around the concept of history, we will further enrich and supplement the Lagrange history through Tech Files and Commemorations in the Lagrange Generation Legacy system. At the same time, we will also reveal the stories behind the signing of the Dawn Accord, reliving the past events between the Antonios Consortium and Terran Sphere.

Collect Tech Files to explore the history

Explorers can save their explorations and discoveries in the world of Lagrange through the item: Tech File. As they improve and enrich the Tech Files, more and more appearance rewards will become available.


(In development. Does not represent the final quality of the game.)


Exclusive collectibles for logging achievements

Explorers can save their exploration achievements through the item: Collectible. Agreement ratings of different levels or daily explorations are all recorded with corresponding achievements. After completing those achievements, corresponding titles, mail backgrounds, or other appearance rewards will become available.


(In development. Does not represent the final quality of the game.)


Lagrange Generation—Industry & Technology

Industry and technology are the cornerstones of human galactic explorations. They are also the foundation to light up the Lagrange Network. Even so, industry and technology are surprisingly fragile, as countless precious industrial technologies were lost in warfare, scattered throughout the hidden corners of the galaxy. As the Lagrange Legacy Project unfolds, Explorers can recollect and categorize the industrial and scientific technologies of the past and present to flourish even more of them in the current generation, bringing even more impactful revolutions and changes to the Lagrange Network. And we will bring these changes to Explorers' strategic decisions and gameplay through Equipment and Items in the Lagrange Generation Legacy system.


Support the exploration process with industrial equipment

We will introduce an exploration preparation stage in the Hub Star System. Explorers can choose the equipment they need for the next star system exploration and install them at the base. Different choices of equipment will bring new changes to each star system exploration.


(In development. Does not represent the final quality of the game.)


Enrich strategies with technological items

Explorers can now use various items in the Expanse. These items will have impacts on operation areas, bases, fleets, and buildings in different aspects, enabling even more diversified gameplay and change.


(In development. Does not represent the final quality of the game.)


Join the celebration and embrace the new generation

At the dawn of this generation, a more prosperous outlook awaits the entire galaxy. Explorers' skills and abilities will be more diverse, and stories of galactic adventures and explorations will emerge one after another. When history, humans, industry, and technology converge in the Lagrange Network, a glorious chapter that belongs to the current generation will be composed.

This year, a grand ceremony—Dawn Celebration Event—will be held in the City of Antontas to celebrate the arrival of the Lagrange Generation. Explorers can take an even closer look at the scenery of the Space City on sightseeing ships or command their aircrafts to compete in the air racing with their Org members. The air racing teams from different factions will also compete with each other. Explorers can cast their precious votes on the team they support to decide the champion of the air racing. All Explorers will participate in this grand celebration to witness the dawn of the Lagrange Generation.


(In development. Does not represent the final quality of the game.)


That's all for the Lagrange Generation version update preview. In the upcoming Blue Post, we will explain Lagrange Campfire Hub, Lagrange Generation Legacy, and Dawn Celebration in detail. Please stay tuned.