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Flagship Gameplay Preview I


Dear Explorers,


Greetings! Since the official release of the Dawn Accord, countless Explorers have traveled to unknown star systems, extending the boundaries of the Lagrange Network to the depths of the galaxy. Countless strategic and tactical battles have played out at various nodes. We know that the strategic nature of different fleet combinations and space combat are part of the core pleasures of Infinite Lagrange, and we've been working hard to enrich and enhance them. We're currently preparing to release a new flagship skill gameplay. Here is a preview of this content.


Flagships can be traced back to the distant Earth era. In large fleets, the flagship is usually the Command Center and Intel Center of the entire fleet and plays a central role in navigation and combat. However, after venturing into space, fleet formations and combat theories developed in traditional marine environments were not suitable for the environment in space. The subsequent development of new technologies and accumulation of space combat experience has brought about new theories on organization and warfare. This continued until the Gold Rush Era, when the retro concept of flagships returned to the Lagrange Network. Since then, flagships have become more and more important in fleets.


The study of galactic fleet operation and organization is a complex science. On one hand, multiple small ships can be used as information transfer nodes to transmit combat information and technology to the entire fleet. On the other, large ships can also be designated as the information hub of the entire fleet. Flagships and the information command technology they represent are important in all Orgs and tactical theories.



Spaceships Operating as Fleets


To fully leverage information technology, the various blueprint research and development companies have recently opened up a new technology authorization to the public. The command, fire control, fleet communication, situational awareness, and other systems of blueprints have been comprehensively upgraded in this authorization. The command capability of ships has been improved in this upgrade, giving them "flagship skills" and the ability to command a fleet. In doing so, they have promoted the development achievements accumulated in flagship command technology over a long time to a wider market.


Currently, known flagship skills are useful for many aspects of fleet operations, relying on multi-target off-ship cluster command technology, comprehensive fire control coordination technology, quantum detection, and surveillance technologies, etc., to realize temporary scheduling of fleet weapons in battle and adjust the operation mode of weapons to play a significant tactical role.


The comprehensive update of the command system has led to the introduction of new tactical commands for fleets, such as the ability to conceal the fleets that meet certain conditions in resource nodes. At the same time, this can improve the logic of existing commands such as Guard and Blockade, allowing fleets to take the lead in localized battles for a greater strategic advantage.


The multi-target off-ship cluster command technology empowers fleets with flagship skills that allow fleets to make ultra-long-range strategic strikes and send aircraft to strike targets from ultra-long-range. This will bring new changes to the battlefield and build a model of three-dimensional combat.



Creating Aircraft Teams for Strategic Strikes


After this update, some ships will have unique flagship skills that will inject new elements into fleet formation strategies and enrich the experience of the entire combat system.


The galaxy of Lagrange is so vast that the strategies and tactics of the game are constantly evolving. As developers, we are constantly trying to give Explorers a rich, diverse, and strategic battle experience. This is the first part of the gameplay preview. In the next part, we will introduce the flagship skills we are currently developing, as well as the mechanics of the strategic strike gameplay, so stay tuned.