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Angulum Adventure Agreement Gameplay Preview III


Dear Explorers, Greetings! In the last two chapters of the gameplay preview, we introduced the environment of the Angulum Cluster and the registration method. This time, we'll introduce the exploration gameplay and rating gameplay of the Angulum Cluster.


Angulum Cluster Relics Exploration Gameplay

- Searching for relics

The environment is extremely harsh in the Angulum triangle area as the abnormal activity of three stars in the area causes irregular jets of high radiation that bring great challenges to expeditions. Due to the influence of stellar activity, the coordinates of Sacrum Chu Imperium relics often undergo periodic and unusual changes. According to the report: Relics move along paths with larger space warping, along which a lot of space dust has gathered due to space warping. Experienced expedition teams can use this characteristic to find the whereabouts of relics.



A movement trail left behind by a relic (the picture is only for display, and doesn't represent the final quality)


You will encounter many high-speed celestial bodies while exploring the Angulum triangle area. Move your fleet carefully while you're there to avoid taking damage from collisions. If a collision is inevitable, try to destroy them before they hit you with the fleet's weapons. Be prepared though, as this could be a thrilling battle.


In a battle with a high-speed celestial body (the picture is only for display, and doesn't represent the final quality)


Collecting strategic assets in relics

The purpose of the agreement released by NOMA Shipping Group this time is to ask all Explorers to explore the relics of the Sacrum Chu Imperium in the Angulum Cluster and bring the important strategic assets they collect from the relics back to the camp. However, it should be noted that the space warping confusion in the Angulum Triangle means that ships cannot warp drive in the area and can only sail with the vector engine. As such, explorations will be extremely difficult as fleets will move slowly.


A vector engine-powered fleet sailing in space (the picture is only for display, and doesn't represent the final quality)


The automatic defense systems of Sacrum Chu Imperium relics are still active. All fleets that approach any relic will be attacked by its defense system. Explorers will need to exercise prudence and caution to start collecting strategic assets from relics. All strategic assets required for the rating evaluation can be collected from relics, but expedition teams must bring these assets back to the camp safely and submit them. Fortunately, there are still Tech Files that have not been completely destroyed in some relics. As there are no research facilities in this star system, when the expedition ends, NOMA Shipping Group will help Explorers transport these Tech Files back to the star systems they were exploring before joining the expedition.


In a battle with a relic's defense system (the picture is only for display and doesn't represent the final quality)


Evacuating safely

To give fleets exploring the Angulum triangle area a way to warp drive home, NOMA Shipping Group will launch Warp Torpedoes from the base's collection area after the stellar high radiation jets stop to create a Warping Stability Zone in the target area. Fleets can use these coordinates to return to the camp safely with everything in their storage.


Warping Stability Zone (the picture is only for display and doesn't represent the final quality)


Other than using the Warping Stability Zones created by Warp Torpedo Tech to return home safely, Explorers can also use Warping Stability Zones that are naturally formed by the impact of the jets to warp drive home safely.


Explorers who make an emergency retreat outside a Warping Stability Zone will lose all the items in their fleet's storage. It should also be noted that it is permitted to resolve or respond to all problems or threats encountered during expeditions with ship weapons in the Angulum Cluster. All the resources, ships, or strategic assets seized from the battle will only count towards the rating of the final submitter.


A fleet that is making an emergency retreat in battle (the picture is only for display, and doesn't represent the final quality)


Star System Development Rating Calculation

The Sacrum Chu Imperium-related strategic assets in Explorers' storage will be automatically submitted upon return to the camp and registered as rating points according to their value.


Display of expedition results (the picture is only for display, and doesn't represent the final quality)

At the same time, Tech Files that are not completely destroyed in the fleet's storage will be temporarily stored in the camp warehouse. After the rating evaluation is completed, these Tech Files will be sent to the star systems where Explorers were before joining the expedition.


 Display of the Warehouse screen (the picture is only for display, and doesn't represent the final quality)


Explorers can choose to complete the evaluation early, or they can choose to continue exploring within the specified time. When the time is up, the final evaluation will be completed according to Explorers' rating points. After the evaluation, Explorers will leave the Angulum Cluster alone through stargates, and other team members will not be affected by their results.



Display of the Rating Criteria screen (the picture is only for display, and doesn't represent the final quality)


The Angulum Adventure Agreement starts on September 21, 2022. Since the stargate leading to the Angulum Cluster has not fully stabilized, NOMA Shipping Group will only provide temporary passes to Explorers for now. When experienced Explorers are joining as a team of five, only the captain needs to have a temporary pass to sign the agreement and join the expedition upon the team reaches the specified galactic event.

Explorers can purchase the Temporary Angulum Pass on the Rating Rewards screen or apply for a Temporary Angulum Pass on the in-game event page or through social media events.

We are fully committed to recreating a realistic galactic environment to provide a rich and vivid experience of star systems. In the future, we will continue to enrich the dynamic environment of star systems to satisfy all Explorers' imagination of the Lagrange Network.

We look forward to exploring Sacrum Chu Imperium relics with everyone to uncover their secrets. Let's witness the discovery of more important nodes in the Lagrange Network!