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Angulum Adventure Agreement Gameplay Preview II


Dear Explorers, greetings!


In the previous chapter of the gameplay preview, we introduced the historical background, environmental conditions, and relevant agreements issued by NOMA in the Angulum Cluster.


This time, we'll be introducing how to form teams to register for the Angulum Adventure Agreement and some adventure gameplay content.


Registering and Teaming Up

The registration process of the Angulum Adventure Agreement is unlike the previous agreements, as it includes steps to redeem special passes and form teams. The specific process is as follows: Redeem the Angulum Pass → Register in the Lagrange Network → Invite Explorers in the star system to form a five-person team → Wait until it is time to leave for the Angulum Cluster.


It's also worth noting that registering for the Angulum Adventure Agreement will not affect the Explorers' gameplay content in their current star system. After leaving for the cluster, Explorers will simultaneously be in charge of the development activities in their current star system and the expedition in the Angulum Cluster.


- Angulum Pass

This pass is issued by NOMA Shipping Group, and Explorers who have this pass will be granted access to the stargate leading to the Angulum Cluster. The Angulum Pass can be redeemed from the Dawn Store for a certain amount of Dawn Points. Explorers in all Hub Star Systems, Node Recovery Agreements, Trojite Crystal Collection Agreements, and Data Rescue Agreements can redeem this pass and register in the Lagrange Network.


- Registering for the agreement and teaming Up

After obtaining the Angulum Pass, Explorers can sign the Angulum Adventure Agreement in the Lagrange Network of their current star system. After signing the agreement, they can invite other Explorers to join their expedition team. Invited Explorers will need to have a Dispatch Certificate.


Images are only provided as a reference and don't represent the final quality.



It should be noted that due to the difficulty of the exploration in the complex environment of the Angulum Cluster, this agreement requires Explorers to form a team of 5 before they can set off. The team will be disbanded when it has insufficient members.


NOMA Exploration Camp


- Team-shared Camp

The NOMA Shipping Group has established a large gathering area around the Lagrange Gate in an area where the warp parameters are stable. It has built thousands of team bases here to provide a short-term settlement service for Explorer teams who have come to explore Angulum.



Images are only provided as a reference and don't represent the final quality.


In the camp, Explorers can produce and repair ships in preparation for the expedition.


- Blueprint sharing

In the camp, Explorers who are on the same team will share blueprints and ship production line facilities.

When using the production line, Explorers can select some blueprints to configure on the production line, and other members of the same team can use the same blueprints for production, but the production quantity will still be limited by service restrictions. When multiple Explorers are using the same production line, production will be carried out in the order of the queue, which means Explorers will need to wait in line.


Since Utility Ships cannot be used to obtain Resource Packs in the Angulum Cluster, Explorers will need to collect ship production resources during expeditions.


- Auxiliary Ship gameplay

Under the constraints of the complex environmental conditions of the Angulum Cluster, conventional expedition teams will find it difficult to complete the expedition smoothly. As Auxiliary Ships have the characteristics of supply and production on demand, expedition teams that have Auxiliary Ships really shine in the expedition, making great gains in past reconnaissance operations.


The NOMA Shipping Group will issue Auxiliary Ships to each Explorer, and Explorers can create an expedition fleet they think is most suitable for exploring the triangle area!




Going on Expeditions to find Resource Packs


- Setting off from the camp

Due to Warping Reverberation, the space warping parameters in the triangle area formed by three stars in the Angulum Cluster was found to have high entropy, leaving very few stable warp zone in the area.

To facilitate Explorers' expeditions, The NOMA Shipping Group has provided temporary stable warp coordinates for each camp so that Explorers can Warp Drive into the triangle area.


Images are only provided as a reference and don't represent the final quality.



- Finding Resource Packs

The triangle area is filled with lots of floating wreckages, most of which are discarded parts of ships or buildings that were destroyed by the impact of high radiation jets.

Lots of useful resources can be obtained from collecting these wreckages. Since there are no Utility Ships to provide mining support during the exploration of the Angulum Cluster, collecting wreckages has become the primary means of obtaining ship production resources.



That's it for this chapter. Thank you for watching.

In the next part, we'll introduce the relic exploration gameplay and the rating criteria of the Angulum Adventure Agreement. Stay Tuned!