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Dawn Celebration Event Preview


Explorers from across the galaxy, rich ideas and cultures, vibrant factions and Orgs, unforgettable events, and history. Together, these elements form the theme of this year's celebration— Lagrange of Diversity.

——Albert Carilion Victor, Chief Speaker of the City of Antontas


After the completion of the first pair of large-scale two-way stargates, L001A-B, the technology for building Lagrange Gates has become more and more widespread. The Dawn Accord came into existence to standardize the development and ownership rights of Lagrange Gates. To commemorate the birth of this Accord, all the signing parties referred to the signing date of the Accord as the "Signing Day of the Dawn Accord." They held a grand "Dawn Celebration" on that day to celebrate the efforts and contributions of all Explorers for the Lagrange Network throughout history.

As it is an event of great influence in the galaxy, the leaders of countless galactic factions and new Explorers gather together for this celebration every year. The venue of the celebration this year is the City of Antontas, where a form will be held under the theme of "Lagrange of Diversity." At the same time, the Dawn Celebration is an annual technology exchange conference between factions of the Milky Way, where each party will exhibit and sell their latest technology. In addition, the Antonios Consortium, the organizer of this year's celebration, has also specially prepared a series of faction-themed activities for the celebration.



Dawn Celebration Event 1: Invitation Letter

Before the celebration starts officially, all Explorers will receive an invitation to the event from Antonios. Explorers who receive this invitation can view information about the events of the Dawn Celebration in advance.

Warm-up time: August 10, 2022, 9:00 (UTC) to August 17, 2022, 7:00 (UTC)

Scope of invitation: All Explorers who have expanded their Base to Zone 2 in any star system. Those who participate in this event and log in to the event page will receive rewards.



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Dawn Celebration Event 2: Star Forum

A forum under the theme of "Lagrange of Diversity" will be held in the conference hall of the Tower of Stellaris in the City of Antontas. The event will consist of five special events: "Diversified Development – Colorful Network," "Passing on the Light of Knowledge," "Open to a Diversified Culture," "Create the Next Miracle," and "Explore and Discover – Adventure and Persevere." Delegations from factions such as Antonios, Hayreddin Clan, Earth – Proxima Centauri, Thunderbolt Group, and NOMA Shipping will present keynote speeches and hold technology demonstrations. In their spare time at the conference, Explorers can visit the Tower of Stellaris freely to learn more about its glorious history.

Event Time: August 17, 2022, 9:00 (UTC) to August 31, 2022, 0:00 (UTC)

Available to: All star systems


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Dawn Celebration Event 3: "Dazzling Milky Way" Salute and Air Show

Explorers who participate in the celebration will receive a special plasma salute UAV, which can create a plasma color screen in the air and release plasma salute projectiles at specific locations. Three images will be released this time. These are "Pioneers Gate," "Dawn," and "The First Resonance." During the event, Explorers can perform a daily salute air show at the Crux Plaza or in the star system to enhance the festive atmosphere of the celebration.

Explorers who complete the salute performance and challenge missions during the celebration will get corresponding rewards.


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Dawn Celebration Event 4: Dawn Trade Fair

During the Dawn Celebration, each galactic faction will hold an exhibition for their faction after speaking to introduce their latest scientific and technological achievements and intelligence about newly publicized star systems.

Diversified Development – Colorful Network         ——Antonios Gallery Promotion

The Antonios Consortium has prepared a Celebration Exclusive Fund Program and Premium Fund Program for all Explorers.

The Antonios Gallery starts at 9:00 (UTC) on August 17, 2022. During the Dawn Celebration, Explorers can claim Proxima Coin rewards corresponding to the number of days they have logged in from the Celebration Exclusive Fund Program. At the same time, Chu-Coins can be used to sign up for an additional Premium Fund Progam to get many blueprints, Tech Points, and other items.

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Passing on the Light of Knowledge           ——Hayreddin Clan Gallery Promotion

The Hayreddin Clan Gallery starts at 9:00 (UTC) on August 18, 2022, and will present Hayreddin's newest "Hayreddin's Loyal - Pulsar Fighter" blueprint. Hayreddin's Loyal - Pulsar Fighter is equipped with a new model of Composite Armor that provides excellent protection from live ammunition and energy attacks. Its vector engine has also been strengthened and modified so it can fight outside for a long period of time. The fighter is mounted with an enhanced "Starchaser" Charged Pulse Cannon that can undergo phase modulation periodically to continuously increase its damage against the same target, which ties in with its fighting style of sustained combat.


Hayreddin's Loyal -Pulsar Fighter Blueprint Announcement

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The Hayreddin's Loyal - Pulsar Fighter Blueprint will be sold in all star systems, and the launch event will consist of the following components:

- Celebration Tech Files

During the Dawn Celebration, Explorers can use Proxima Coins to purchase limited Dawn Celebration Tech Files and enjoy a 50% discount on the first purchase. Release event for the Hayreddin's Loyal - Pulsar Fighter Blueprint will be held at the same time:


- Debut Experience

From August 18, 2022, 9:00 (UTC) to September 7, 2022, 2:00 (UTC)

- While exploring star systems, Explorers can purchase the KCCPV2.0 - Light Aircraft Cruiser (TE), which has two groups of Hayreddin's Loyal - Pulsar Fighter (TE), from the Space Station Trading Post and experience their power and performance in real combat.


- Manufacturer's Official Authorization

From August 24, 2022, 2:00 (UTC)

- The Hayreddin's Loyal - Pulsar Fighter Blueprint will be added to Ship & Aircraft BP Files, Ship & Aircraft BP Files 2.0, and Research Agreement.


- Encrypted Authorization Circulation

From August 31, 2022, 2:00 (UTC)

- The technology authorization of this blueprint will be added to Black Market Tech Files and Black Market Tech Files 2.0.


Open to a Diversified Culture ——Earth – Proxima Gallery Promotion

The factions of the Terran Sphere have come to participate in the Dawn Celebration with the "Tower of Stellaris" Emblem, and Eternal Storm limited "Splendor in Ocean" livery. Limited liveries are special liveries tailor-made for specific ships to create a flowing surface effect with plasma curtain technology.


The Earth–Proxima Gallery starts at 9:00 (UTC) on August 19, 2022. At that time, Explorers can come to buy the "Tower of Stellaris" Emblem, and Eternal Storm limited "Splendor in Ocean" livery.

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Create the Next Miracle ——Thunderbolt Group Gallery Promotion

Thunderbolt Group will work with major ship design manufacturers, getting its Thunderbolt Ship Modification Factory to help them transform and upgrade blueprints circulating in the market to tap into the potential of ships and redesign them with the extreme performance of the Thunderbolt Group's weapons.


The Thunderbolt Group Gallery starts at 9:00 (UTC) on August 20, 2022. At that time, Explorers can come to learn about the upcoming blueprints that have been transformed by Thunderbolt Group.


Explore and Discover – Adventure and Persevere ——NOMA Shipping Group GalleryPromotion

The Angulum Cluster is an important hub node in the Lagrange Network from the times of the Sacrum Chu Imperium. It consists of three stars that form a special stable triangular structure.

Since the establishment of the Sacrum Chu Imperium, this cluster has been jointly operated by the Trujillo Clan and its three subordinate factions. However, a serious Warping Reverberation that broke out in the later stages of the galactic war devastated the entire cluster. To limit the expansion of the Warping Reverberation, all stargates in this cluster were forced to close. Since then, Angulum has lost all contact with the Lagrange Network.

It was only recently that NOMA Shipping Group reopened a stargate leading to the Angulum Cluster. It will release an Angulum Exploration Agreement in the near future to recruit Explorers to travel to this dangerous and mysterious cluster together and explore the ancient relics of Sacrum Chu Imperium.

The NOMA Shipping Group Gallery starts at 9:00 (UTC) on August 21, 2022. At that time, Explorers can come to learn about the Angulum Star System gameplay.

Dawn Celebration Event 5: Antonios History Museum

Antonios History Museum is located in the South Bank District of the City of Antontas. This historic building has been in existence ever since the city was built, and it is now thousands of years old. The historical materials stored in the museum have been compiled by generations of Antonios archivists, recording everything that happened in the development of the Antonios star system in great detail.

During the Dawn Celebration, the Antonios History Museum held an exhibition called "Antonios on the Way," reminding everyone of the important choices faced by the consortium in the context of the times when signing the Dawn Accord. This is the first time Antonios has opened its history museum to the public.

During the celebration, Explorers can listen to the history of the City of Antonios every day. Rewards will be issued after listening to it for the first time.


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Dawn Celebration Event 6: Explorers Party

The Explorers Contact Center of the City of Antontas will officially open at 9:00 (UTC) on August 17, 2022, and Explorers can come here to reconnect with off-duty Explorers.

At the Contact Center, Explorers can invite other off-duty Explorers to return to the Lagrange Network. After the Explorers return, they can enter the Contact Code of other adventurers to liaise with them. During the Dawn Celebration, the Contact Center will assess the behavior of returning Explorers and provide corresponding rewards to the Explorer who invited them.

After Explorers who meet the conditions return to the Lagrange Network, the Contact Center will recommend suitable new star systems, Orgs, and friends to facilitate a smooth return. They can also view the latest changes in the Lagrange Network there. The Contact Center will also help Explorers find the Orgs that they helped develop and are still active based on their social relationships before going on vacation so that they can reunite with them through the Midway Join-in feature and keep developing together.

Moreover, the Contact Center will also present a Returnee's Star System Agreement to returning Explorers who had left to develop other star systems, which will provide them with supplies and rewards based on the developments they achieved in the other star system to help them develop in this star system after returning from their vacation.

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Develop together and thrive with diversity. The Dawn Celebration welcomes all Explorers and hopes that the Lagrange Network will shine magnificently with more dazzling stars in the future under the joint efforts of all Explorers!