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Now Open for Prospectors and Neutrals


A new faction has taken center stage, and the new Identity Agreement is in place.


◆The Identity of Prospectors
Prospectors have been playing an important role throughout the history of the Lagrange Galaxy. From planet exploration, understanding the geographical environment of a star system, to lighting up a new node in the Lagrange Network, each step is full of difficulties and challenges. Especially in the exploration of Lagrange Nodes, prospectors have to find appropriate observation points for space warping first and conduct tens of thousands of beacon casting experiments to obtain relatively accurate warp information.


◆The Identity of Neutrals
Some people say that neutrals are unique diplomats in the Lagrange Network. Some say that neutrals serve as the bridge for communications between the privateers and the fractions. And some say that neutrals are "shadows of the privateers" in the star system. No one denies that they use all methods to promote the communications between the privateers and major fractions and decrease the scale and intensity of conflicts between fractions.


Explorers opting for the Hayreddin Clan can now take on the role of Prospectors. Unlocking the Prospecting Tech Research Center allows Prospectors to access various prospecting technologies for resource mining.

Neutrals affiliated with Jupiter Industries can now collaborate with privateers and trade with them at their outposts. This makes privateers an ideal option for Neutrals, whether for resource trading or joining forces.


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