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IAP Tutorial & Refund Policy


Part 1. Unlock IAP

1) Valid Game Account & In-game Confirmation

Before getting IAP items in the game, please make sure to log in with an active Google Play Games or Facebook account.

IAP items are not available for players with Guest accounts.

Please remember to read and agree with our Refund Policy through the pop-up window in the game store before purchasing.


Part 2. Purchase and Refund

2) Valid Payment Methods

Please purchase IAP items via a Google Play account with valid payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, etc.

Payments aside from Google Play are not available at this stage.

3) Data-wiping for CBT

Please pay attention that this test is a closed beta test only open for Australia, Canada and the Philippines.

All game data will be wiped when the test is ended.

Your account information and purchase history during this test will be kept on the server for refunding.

4) Refunds after Official Launch

IAP items purchased in real currency will be refunded after this test.

The refunds will be provided in Chu-Coins, which can be claimed after the official launch in Australia, Canada and the Philippines.


Part 3. Refund Policy

1. Players of this test will be refunded the same amount of Chu-Coins they obtained in total during the beta period. The IAP items with a “CBT REWARDS” label on the RECHARGE screen are bonus benefits provided for players participating in this test, which can be refunded. Players can also obtain refundable Chu-Coins by in-game play (including but not limited to Newbie Guide, Dawn Funding Scheme and Routine Server Maintenance).

2. If you have created more than one avatar during the test, the refunds will be delivered to the avatar with the largest number of Chu-Coins accumulated in your account. If you have purchased in-app items with several avatars, the Chu-Coins purchased in real currency by all avatars are refundable (not including the Chu-Coins with a “CBT REWARDS” label and in-game reward given for free).


Part 4. Claim Refund and Time Limit

The refunds are available within the first 90 days of the official launch in Australia, Canada, and the Philippines.

Please make sure to log in to the game with the same account to claim the refunds before the expiration date.

The CBT rewards can only be claimed once by one avatar. Please confirm whether the avatar is the one you want to claim the rewards after creating it.


Part 5. Data Security Regulations

We take strict measures to follow the data security regulations in your region, and ensure that your game data and personal info are well protected.

Should you have any further concern, please see our Privacy Policy and User Agreement at